Thursday, March 3, 2016

Writing Challenge: Root Words

Word Root Fatal- death,or lost
As Scorpion was about to finish Sub-Zero by bringing him to the Earthrealm, A scary, deep voice had spoken from the dark clouds. " Scorpion and Sub-zero didn't know who or what it was that just spoke. But Scorpion had to destroy his brother that killed his clan and his family. " You will be punished for what you have done, your death will be willbe rewarded. Now you will sufer!" Scorpion told Sub-zero. Scorpion now finsih him once and for all!"Said the person from the sky. As he threw is spear to Sub-Zero forhead. The spear was stuck inside of the brain and skull, blood was spreading all over the ground. Then Scorpion had yandked his head off of his body. Scorpion had won the battle. Then the strange voice had came again, but said, Scorpion Wins.... Fatality!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What is it that you will do with your onw wild and precious life?

What makes my life wild and precious is I do multiple things that make my life so amazing. I can't even name all of the things that I have done crazy.In my family I'm mostly known fro being the sweetiest, preciuos, wild, and adorable kid. My life have changed me a ot for the past of couple of years. I have made some mistakes that I want to forget, but I have to focus on the futre.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

A nightmare that came to life

A Nightmare that came to life

Dream  I woke up on the hard, cold, and uncomfortable sidewalk. I didn’t know where I was, or who I was.  I needed answers. Where was I? What was I doing here?
“ I gotta get out a here before something bad happens!” As I was running to get out of the strange world, I ran into an invisible wall. I gave myself a scar that started from the left side of my forehead and stretched to all the way to my left eye. I fell to the ground hard as a rock. The blood was coming out of my forehead so fast that I couldn’t stop the bleeding. The blood was all over the ground.  As I was trying to stop the bleeding, I saw strange people that were just staring at me funny. They were staring at me like they knew who I was.  As my vision got blurry, the strange people had objects for something I wasn't really paying attention about that. My eyes  were closing so slow that I could see in slow motion.

Life 2099 I had opened my eyes, I seen a ball full of my good friends, including my girlfriend Amy. The ball was made of some material that isn’t in this world. inside their was a clock that was counting down to 0. “Help, Help, Help us Ray,!” everybody screaming for me. I was their only chance of escaping from the ball. Time was running out. when the clock stopped at 0 that’s when everything changed. “I couldn’t do anything and have to let the people that were always there for me die! Instead I just let them suffer just because of a monster I’ve seen in my dream. There is was nothing to do and just let the time run out.” I said loudly to myself.  Inside the ball, people were exploded into tiny little pieces, blood and different types of organisms. I seen a ring that I gave to Amy at the dance. I felt my heart was breaking into nothing but small pieces when I seen the ring inside of the ball. I could feel the revenge, and rage coming out of my small body.

As my mind was filled with pure rage and anger, I couldn’t control myself of becoming berserk of rage and anger. My veins was coming out of my arms and head like crazy.  My hands and feet were on fire (literally on fire),  As I was thinking about what to do to stop the world ending, I jumped so high that I was able to see to sun about to explode and started flying into the tower of doom. I was flying so fast that I was faster than the fastest jet in the world “ The Lockheed SR-71”. I was furious to stop the world ending from this standpoint.  This can’t be the end, I still need more time. I can’t let this happen, If I don’t make it their in time then the whole world would be demolished.”
When I have arrived to the tower of doom I was prepared fro the battle that I was going to face.. I wasn’t sure who was the person that I was going to face off. I needed to think of a plan. There time was running out of time, there's no time to waste and to play any more Mr. nice guy. Now I have to be in my serious mode.”The world was about to be coming  to an ending. I could feel the ground rumbling and shaking hard as ever before. The ground was greater gigantic holes to the ground, I could see lava erupting from the bottom of the ground and erupted all the way to the top of the clouds. I was panicking and flew to the tower to get to safety. I was flying fast as I can, Lava was coming out of the ground out of nowhere. I try to dodge them but, they were coming too fast. One of the lava exploding right of the bottom of me . I could feel the pain inside of my stomach. as I landed on the roof and landed inside of the room.

As I landed inside of the mysterious room, I was struggling to get up from the floor because of the attack from the lava that hit in my stomach. I had to shake it out like nothing happened to me. I was running up the stairs and find myself a door right in front of me.  When I open the door, I seen something like never before in my whole entire life! It was a greek god names Ares, the god of war. This is america,I couldn’t believe that I meet a greek god for the first time in history.

“What do you want from me Ares?” I said in a loud voice
“I want you to be my slave!” Ares said in a angry tone
For what their isn’t know point of me of being your slave because the world is about to end anyway.
“OH yes, The reason why I got you here in the first place because I wanted you to fight me to the end of the world. it’s between you and me of course.” As he cut of me why I won't finish with my sentence.
No way I’m not fighting no huge gigantic greek god to the death, you can count me out, Really I needed to find a way to safe this planet that’s why I’m here.. I responded
“Their is no saving the planet the world was going to end anyway because of the global warming. So you can’t sorry> Now let's fight!”

As he had pulled out his sword of all gods and hits me with it. I flew all the way to the first floor of the tower.I landed on the hard floor and made a dent to the floor.” Now will fight me now?” Said Ares.
“Now you got my attention I think I should give it a try” I said in a serious mood

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ray's Story

The struggle

Raymond woke up on the first day of school. He was so nervous that when he heard  parents calling him from downstairs, Raymond was hiding under his favorite blanket that his great grandfather gave him on his 13th birthday before he passed away. As he was getting his clothes on slowly, he thought about what would happen on the first day of school. He was going to the 7th grade in a new school. He was homeschooled for 7 year, so going to a public school for the first time was a scary experience for him.

As Raymond finished putting his clothes on, he went to the kitchen to eat breakfast with his little sister name Lilia and her parents. “Are you ready for school today honey?” says his mother as she was making coffee for herself and husband. “No mother, I don’t want  to, I'm too nervous for this nonsense. I’d rather go back to being homed schooled again” Raymond said to her angrily.

“Well, your father made the decision, not me, I would keep you  home schooled, but your Father wants you to make more friends and go to a wonderful college” says Mother. “Can you atleast give it a try, go meet some new friends, or meet your new teachers or something please sweet buns, please.” Mother begging Raymond. “Fine, Fine, Fine! Alright already I’ll give it a shot, but you have keep me homeschooled if I don’t like it!” Raymond told Mother. I Promise. As both of them were getting inside of the car, Raymond tries to think about the good things about the wonderful, great, and awesome things about the middle school.

As Raymond walks out of the car, Mother says her last goodbyes. “Goodbye my love, hope you have a wonderful day!” exclaimed Mother. “Yeah, yeah, yeah I will. But, just remember about our deal okay, if I don’t like this school, you would have to tell Father about my day and tell him that I will be Home schooled forever kay”.  Raymond explained to Mother. Okay my adorable sweetie buns, Now go to school! As he was getting out of the car, Raymond was walking inside of the school and go to his home room 110, on the first floor of the school. As Raymond walked inside of The classroom, the teacher Mr.Steve was shaking a hard furm hand shake to the class.

Class, I would like you to meet our new student, Mr. Raymond Cole. Now I would like everybody to show him the school, make sure that you be on your best behavior when you’re with Raymond, Understood. Mr. Steve announced to the class. “Yes Mr.Steve“ the students screamed out loudly to the teacher. When the teacher was finishing talking to his students, Raymond and the students was walking all around the school showing him the school. “So, How’s it feel to be the new kid, I mean, all of the cool kids are all around you all of a sudden. A kid named James was speaking to him.” “Well, it feels great actually, I’m just getting started to make new friends in this nice school” Raymond told James.“You know, I have to admit it, this school is pretty cool, the people are nice to me, cafeteria is amazing, the food is on point, and I might even be here forever you know?”

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Homework for Writing Workshop Raykeim Rucker

My Favorite things about my story is when Raymond had made a new friend named James. Raymond was a new kid coming from being home schooled for 6 years. He doesn't know if he will like the school or not. He was thinking about being homeschooled again. But, his father told him that he has to og to a public school so he can make new friends and go to a wonderfu college.